January 27, 2013

Being Unemployed and Having a Criminal Record: Is There a Difference?

People can end up being unemployed for a variety of reasons. There is illness, retrenchment, workplace injury, or even just running away from a toxic workplace culture. Regardless of the reasons, for those who struggle to get back into work, the situation can be disheartening.   Moreover, the strong social stigma associated with "being unemployed" can lead to feelings of shame and guilt.  

Whenever the government reports "low unemployment" statistics to indicate how well things are going in 2013 for "working Australians", the sense of inadequacy can be amplified.  As a jobseeker, such media pronouncements cause me to wonder just what is wrong with me if - with good skills, qualifications and experience - I cannot find even the most basic employment, at a time when our government indicates that it should be easy. 

For those of us (out of work for some time) who are puzzled as to why we are getting so many knock-backs from potential employers, the recent article: "Some Job Hunter Biases Are Just a Joke" (by BRW's Fiona Smith) provides one of a range of credible explanations. Who would have thought that being unemployed can be likened to having a criminal record? It seems part of the problem involves "the gap".  Read on ....

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  1. Every time people are hiring someone, they usually have some criteria for choosing the right applicant. And number one tin the list is the criminal records of a particular applicant.

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