February 13, 2013

When Job Hunting Resembles Stalking

Today I made contact with that recruitment agency  from the safe distance of email.  And I promptly received an out-of-office auto-reply. 

They said they'd get back to me tomorrow - St. Valentines Day. Spooky!

I knew they still loved me.

But to be honest, I feel like a stalker.  And pathetically, it's not an isolated incident.

I am a repeat offender.  

If I look at the many job vacancies, to which I've re-applied, after positions are re-advertised by the same organizations (over the course of a year, year in-year-out) I could easily be, technically labelled a serial stalker.

And, despite routinely receiving their friendly(?) rejection letters - when I see the same roles, reappearing at later dates on Seek  - like GroundHog Day, undaunted, I re-submit re-fashioned applications .....Just like  a forever hopeful Pavlov's dog. 

If only - in such cases -  I could beat the system, by changing my name to something that might not get me overlooked, but SHORTLISTED! 

Can you do that?

Would it really be stretching the truth, if I altered my persona by inserting my dog's name (Coco) when signing off cover letters? 

One could always blame spellcheck?


You Used to Give Me Roses

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