April 6, 2013

A Styling Service - Without Borders - Empowering Job Seekers

In previous posts I have written about the impact visual impressions can make on job interview success.  Getting the right look can also give interview candidates, an inner boost to self-esteem, that makes them shine at interviews. 

We have all seen the instant makeover shows on TV, where top-notch stylists transform people, from looking ordinary to "fabulous". But how do we get 60 minutes with our own Tim Gunn?  When you lack the resources, how do you gain access to the benefits of a wardrobe guru, who can give you a winning edge?

Fitted for Work is an Australian organisation that closes the gap, by providing a free personal styling service to disadvantaged job-seekers. This not-for-profit agency, is supported by volunteers, sustained by donations, and provides:

  • a personal dressing service
  • a work ready outfit (often including accessories, bags, shoes)
  • personal mentoring, and
  • a work readiness, and transition to work program

Last year, the Fitted for Work Snapshot of 2000 Women, presented this picture of unemployment and disadvantage among women in Australia:

  • 350,000 women were registered job-seekers. This figure: under-reports the actual number of women looking for work - with just one hour of work a week counted as being ‘in employment’
  • In contrast to men, women experience dramatically higher rates of under-employment. And, women are over-represented in part-time and less secure casual work. Almost 70% of part-time workers are women. 

  •  The unemployment rate for women is higher than the rate for men. Where there are dependent children, the unemployment rate for women is twice that of men and the underemployment rate (people working less hours than they would prefer) for women is three times that of men.

  • The challenges women job-seekers face include: dealing with low self-esteem, lack of experience, negative employer bias against mature aged workers, and periods of absence from the workforce (through sickness, to care for children and relatives). 

  • Job-seekers, and people wishing to donate, can get information via the Fitted for Work website.
  • Shopping online or in-store at Dear Gladys also directly supports Fitted for Work programs.

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