May 18, 2013

More Mutual Obligations With Monsieur [Mutual Obligations Ep.2]

Du gouvernement australien, Guide du droit à la sécurité sociale

"Obligation mutuelle n'est pas un terme législatif. Il se réfère au principe général qu'il est juste et raisonnable de s'attendre chômeurs bénéficiant d'un soutien du revenu pour faire de leur mieux pour trouver du travail, entreprendre des activités qui permettront d'améliorer leurs compétences et d'accroître leurs perspectives d'emploi et, dans certains cas, apporter quelque chose à leur communauté en échange de ce soutien du revenu." 

Oh the poetry of our Australian government's, Department of Employment, mutual obligation policy requirements French. Here's a link to the Australian version - but it's same old, same old.  I like it better in French. Maybe it's just a personal thing.

Perhaps it's the foreign genes in me? Or the HRT? Maybe I just don't get out enough.

Comment embarrassant pour une post-moderne dame d'un certain âge!

And so as the night became day, when Monsieur returned to instruct our compulsory "unemployables" job search activity class last week, I was one happy, mutually obliged welfare recipient. 

A background to Monsieur and how he fits into the scheme of things -  in my mutual obligation activities - can be found in an earlier post.

Initially, as a mature jobseeker, I would've preferred doublestrength route canal therapy, in place of attending a 2 day mutual obligation session aimed at telling unemployed no-gooders, how to suck eggs (so to speak).

But alas, when this speciman appeared, opened his mouth and spoke in that Gérard Depardieu accent - I silently thanked our Australian Employment Department (DEEWR) for their excellent recruitment choice, and social security services delivery programs.

Enter Madame Absconder!

So there we were the other day - with only one unemployee, sitting opposite me, who was keen to abscond at the first opportunity. She obviously wasn't impressed with being there, let alone with Monsieur.

"Pourquoi si misérable? ...He's such a cutie pie?" I wanted to say to her. And Monsieur, had after all - promised that we were going to get salad baguettes at the end of each and every class! And what's not to like? It's better than watching TVSN?! home in your manky pyjamas!

And as we took turns, going around the table introducing ourselves to the group, explaining to our fellow unemployees - why we were there (boring!), Madame Absconder said outright that she, " ...Shouldn't  f*ckin' be there! And I'm not into GROUPS! They cannot make me DO THIS!" 

"Ok ...steady," I mutter to myself, "Maintain poker face alert."

Exit Madame Absconder ...!

Next, we were asked to take turns reading notes, out loud - from our Time Management activity sheets. When it was Madame Absconder's turn to read, she stood up, repeated her "group issue" problème and fled through the door, never to be seen again. 

In response Monsieur said, in his delightful French tones, "Just let 'er go!!" And then I heard him mutter, "Et pourquoi I come to dis strange downunder land ...!?"
And I thought, fair enough, I was once like Madame Absconder. But no more. Not when the group activity is with Monsieur. 

Unlike my fellow unemployee, if only Monsieur knew, I wasn't going anywhere ....for he already H-A-D me,  at  'allo! 

Nothing more to say really.

Au revoir les enfants.


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Being told how to suck eggs e tres bon in a French accent

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  1. Fabulous post, mademoiselle Carmen. Everything is always so much more civilised in French!

  2. I'm in total agreement, mon ami.
    Alas,I am now re-doing my neutralized resume in a French text version. I think I could be on to something here.