May 24, 2013

Six Modules With Monsieur And Still Counting [Mutual Obligations Ep.3]

I have a job interview lined up on Monday afternoon, which gives me plenty of time to resurrect resume-me. 

Thanks to continuing compulsory Mutual Obligation classes with Monsieur,  I've had a refresher course on interview deportment, getting the look, and how not to scare the horses ....I mean interviewers  - "French-style".

However after five modules - I'm beginning to think that: Regardless of the ooh la la - and his complimentary baguettes - what more can we unemployables learn from this French man?!

Apparently there are 18 modules. And we have to work through these modules, once a week with Monsieur, until we get a job. It does appear however, that what was initially described as a two and half day course, has evolved into a twice weekly activity ...with no end in sight. 

Although frankly, I have to say, that if it wasn't for Monsieur's ooh la la accent - just like Madame Absconder - I too would have been out of there ....just like a bat out of hell! (even before the first baguette was presented upon our classroom table).

But, oh mamma mia Monsieur - delectable French nuances aside - there comes a point where even unemployables (who don't get out much) cannot take one more module or Australian Employment Services supplied baguette!


Admittedly, last week's baguettes were an improvement on those of the week before. I particularly liked the spicy salami, eggplant, and tomato combination and I'm thinking of posting a video "how-to" on assembling such a baguette on this very blogsite. Watch this space.

However, I can see that soon the honeymoon may be over with Monsieur.

So far we unemployables have tirelessly worked through:
  1. Self Esteem
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Interview Techniques
  4. Time Management
  5. Why I should allocate more time to moisturise
  6. Workplace Culture
  7. How to confuse the enemy
  8. Coping methods when the enemy makes no sense
  9. Cultural Difference
  10. How not to murder your colleague
  11. A Modern History of the world, and why things now are so stuffed up
  12. A Modern History of France
  13. Why the French are different
  14. Why is Monsieur so different
  15. Why the French are skinny
  16. Why I am fat 
  17. Why Monsieur has never eaten a McDonalds hamburger
  18. Whether the Four N' Twenty Pie is still out there
  19. The benefits of eating fish
  20. Which meat makes the best baguette filler? ...cold beef or salami?
  21. The possibility of having Four N' Twenty Pies next week Monsieur?
  22. Why Monsieur won't just give in - and let us miserables eat cake?
  23. The better films of Daniel Auteuil
  24. The three wives of Daniel Auteuil
  25. Why Gerard Depardieu moved to Russia
  26. Why Monsieur dislikes working with swearing Australian bogans
  27. What to do about the swearing Australian bogan
  28. His issues with Madame Absconder from last week's class
  29. How a client once threw a desk at him
  30. How many jobs Monsieur currently has on the go
  31. Monsieur's hectic 24/7 work week
  32. Monsieur's lack of time with his family due to his 4 different jobs
  33. Whether Monsieur could be headed for une quarantaine crises!!

Monsieur I think it's time we arrêté la folie, fermé la boutique, et a pris un peu de vacances.


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  1. Carmen, Three cheers for Monsieur. I'm particularly fond of his footwear.

    Best Wishes
    Bata Ponytail

  2. And do you know what Bata, ever since Monsieur product-placed the McD brand in our class - I've had a craving for a damn McBurger! And I went out and got me that burger this afternoon. How dare you Monsieur!

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    1. thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

  4. Carmen,

    Let's be kind to Monsieur - you take over the Mutual Obligation modules and let him concentrate on his other 3 jobs, his neglected family and everyone will be happy.

    Found your link on Mamma Mia while I was contemplating some leather. Be brave go into Millers as they have great little Pleather bomber jackets in a pale coffee colour for $20. Fooled all the fashionastas in my area!

  5. Carmen,
    For a Job Coach he shows a remarkable taste in shoes. Would they be satin or vegan-leather?

  6. Anony - I would say, satin uppers and vegan bottoms.