June 7, 2013

I Dreamed A Dream, Where I Finally Got ...A Job?!

Inspired by a dream I had last night, and the song and scene from Les Miserables - where Fantine is left alone, unemployed, and destitute.

There was a time when employers were kind
When their standards were not lost
And their interviews enticing . . .

There was a time when my applications shined!
And jobseeking was a song
And the song was exciting!

There was a time  . . . .Then it all went wrong.


I dreamed a dream of time gone by,
When despite high unemployment -
Life was worth living!

I dreamed that job offers would never die
I dreamed that Centrelink would be forgiving!

Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted ...
There was no mutual obligation to be paid
And applications were simply cut and pasted!

Last night I dreamed I finally got a job!
In a mega corporation ...

Where Mark Bouris was CEO!

And he took me in his stride ...
And personally showed me .....Around the organization!


And we were getting on so well!
With all the small-print done and dusted
But why was Geraldine Doogue there?
And why were we in a fire station?

Didn't know anything about the salary!
 Or what my duties were,
Or even how I got the job?
Or whether the place had a car-park?
And was it permanent,
Part-time?  ...Or, casual?
Didn't know if I got a lanyard?
And did the office politics have a manual?

 And did I need a uniform?
And why was I being driven around -
in the back seat of a car with Mr Bouris? (hooly dooly)

But it was all sooo good!

And I even think I had blonde hair!

It's what happens when you fall asleep!
With the radio on .... 
And in your pre-dawn slumber
You subliminally take in a RadioNational interview,
Between Mark Bouris and Geraldine Doogue!

But it was all gone when morning came
And still I dream that job will come to me!
That we will work the years together!
But there are dreams that cannot be!
And there are bills and chills I cannot weather . . .


I had a dream my life would be,
So different, from this strange way I'm living
So different now, from what it seemed
Now 6% unemployment has killed the dream I dreamed.

With respect and apologies to songwriters: Herbert Kretzmer, Alain Boublil of the original, I Dreamed a Dream.


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Video clip:  Les Miserables cast: I dreamed a dream 

Photo: flickr

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