July 11, 2015

Dreamtime With Barbie [Mutual Obligations - ep. 18]

Following the fifth day of Barbie's College For Acute Unemployables, I'm glad to retire to the comfort and sublime tranquility of my bed. And, after tossing and turning, I finally drift off to sleep. But the night is filled with torment. 

For, after our discussion in job readiness class - concerning the animal we'd most like to be - I dream that I've adopted a meerkat. Why? Clearly, the day's dreary, underwhelming events have become imbedded in my subconscious memory.

Subsequently, in the dream, the meerkat starts to drive me crazy ...because I'm stuck with taking it on the lead, E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E I go. Even to job interviews, root canal therapy sessions, and a friend's kid's bar mitzvah. 

Then the pesky little meerkat wriggles out of its' lead, runs away, and I'm forever searching for it.

Finally I wake, glad that it was just a dream. But it's only 4am. And all I can think about is the arduous morning ahead, when I'll have to once again, like Groundhog Day, don the fuschia lipstick, and head off - bright eyed and bushy-tailed (meerkat-like) - to day six of the Barbster's school of unemployment deportment. 

Fortunately, I soon drift back into a deep sleep. However before long, the darkened pre-dawn hours return me to terror, when I find myself, once again dreaming. Only this time, there's not a meerkat in sight. I'm in a television studio - with my famous five unemployable NBFs ....Eileen, Bea, Tim, young spunkster Jeremy, and Zack (the unemployed freelancer).

We're part of a new ground-breaking, reality TV show ...of which Barbie is the compere extraordinaire.

And beneath glaring lights, once audience applause ceases, Barbie flicks back her blonde hair and announces gleefully, "Welcome to the Biggest Loser Show!"   

But we're not there, standing on our podiums because we're fat, and about to undergo a miraculous weight loss transformation. We famous five unemployables are there, Barbie shouts, because, " YOU ARE just plain LOSERS!!!"

It's a reality show about persistent, serial unemployables.

And Barbie makes us repeat to the audience, "Yes, we're here because, WE ARE the BIGGEST losers!?"

Of course, we never find out what the ultimate winner gets. Or if there's a prize at all. Since, the ring of my alarm clock, brings a sudden, welcoming halt to the nightmare. 

In reality however .....is the actual nightmare - the events that lie ahead - during the forthcoming daylight hours ...?


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