August 7, 2015

Keeping Up With The Alamuddin-Clooneys

To make we unemployables feel, a little better, here's a wake-up call to remind us that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

Here in Australia of course, the flying batsh*t has truly hit the fan big-time, with Australian politicians going into media frenzy justifying their "entitlements" ...for their "consistent hard work" of course (for which they actually get paid quite adequately - going forward beyond retirement).

Like a Mcdonalds drive-through meal up-size, the situation clearly indicates that our pollies are no different to anyone else I guess - in that they're clearly easily tempted to up-scale their "entitlement portions" - and live large, by double-dipping into the Australian taxpayers coffers ...without a care in the world.

Of course, had Bronwyn Bishop, in the first instance, gone overland via Uber taxi to her weddings, parties (anything) - instead of taking the odd Helicopter/Charter flight - we the constituents (and particulary "so-called unentitled welfare recipients"), may never have known about the pollies Pandora's box of generous self entitlements. And their overt hypocrisy. 

It all adds new layers of meaning to Treasurer Joe Hockey's "lifter/leaner" rhetoric.

And the media may never have gone into overdrive. Subsequently, we must thank them, for highlighting, that quite possibly - our country is currently being run - by a greedy bunch of 21st Century Southern Hemisphere, post French Revolution Marie Antoinettes (from all shades of the political colour spectrum).

I've never been one for attending group protests. Hate crowds. Scared of having my toes stepped on. And can't stand someone shoving me from behind. Would rather be at home watching re-runs of Scott and Bailey. However, in this instance, I wouldn't mind being part of a sizeable portion of one of those dial-a-protest-groups, storming the Canberra Bastille, to demand a bigger slice of the cake that the pollies are sitting back enjoying at the taxpayer's expense.

So that's the current state of affairs in relaxed and comfortable Australia .....Comfortable for the pollies, that is.

Meantime, back in the old country, the Alamuddin-Clooneys, are having their own issues to deal with as they live large at their Lake Como digs. But of course it's THEIR MONEY. However sadly. the paparazzi have taken to the place, like moths to a burning lamp, and driving newly weds, Alamuddin-Clooneys -  absolutely crazy!


Alas, the Daily Mail Australia reports that Clooney is about to say arrivederci to his beloved Lake Como villa... by selling for 10 TIMES the $10m he paid for it.

However, "Wouldn't It Be Loverly!" (ala Audrey Hepburn),  if the Clooneys, put selling on hold, and rented out the place to JobActive Incorporated. Sound mad don't I? But it ain't necessarily so. (Although perhaps that's what comes of being an unemployee for too long?)

Here's the thing. Why not have JobActive, and Treasurer Joe Hockey put their money where their mouth is to speak - by renting the Como premises from the Alamuddin-Clooneys....on behalf of the Australian government. 

From such a unique location, Australia's Unemployment Industry, could run a pilot program - being a top-notch "job-ready system", whereby selected JobActive clientele from downunder, could jet over to George's Como digs, and do some work for the dole/experience there. It could be like a rehab clinic that rehabilitates leaners into lifters!!

Specially selected Work For The Dolees (perhaps chosen by lucky dip!), would get the opportunity to skill-up, via an Italian style bootcamp - learning a new lingua, and knuckling down to some hard yakka - applying themselves to any of the domestic duties as required in such a culturally rich location.

Of course, it could be coordinated via former South Australian Premier Mike Rann - now Australia's ambassador to Italy, where his offices are set in a villa, perched in the hills above Rome's Piazza del Popolo.

However, while I think of it - on the topic of Rann's Italian digs, and taxpayer dollar spending - I don't want to be a bore about it - but remaining under the Aussie media radar, have been the renovations at Ambassador Mike Rann's Roman villa, which DFAT confirms have started at $2.7 million.

ABC News reports  that the work itself cost almost $1.7 million, while more than $1 million went towards alternative accommodation for Mr Rann and his wife Sasha Carruozzo.

Former ambassador Amanda Vanstone said the property was also renovated around the time she left in 2010. She said, "All I can say, is that a lot of money was spent before I left to get it ready for the incoming ambassador."

Ms Vanstone said the building was in a "great location" but did not know what further work had been done. "If it's structural work then of course it can be very, very expensive. If it's decoration then I would be surprised."

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon said it was not right that the Government paid for the work at the same time as slashing aid to some of the world's poorest countries.

"This is a particularly gross amount of spending when you put it in that perspective," he said.

"Given the massive cuts to foreign aid, you really need to wonder whether this spend on residence for diplomats around the world can be justified particularly on upgrades and renovations.


Is Clooney about to say arrivederci to Como villa? (Daily Mail Aust)

Ambassador Mike Rann's Roman villa renovated at $2.7 mill. DFAT confirms (ABC) 


End of entitlement culture must start with MPs (The Australian)

Clooney image: CzsTova

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